Campus Rape

What Students Need to Know

Legal rights and options if you are sexually assaulted by another student

  1. You can report the assault to the police and pursue criminal charges against the assailant. If you make a police report, you may be eligible for victim compensation benefits through the state's crime victim compensation program. In many states, these benefits include reimbursement for medical care and counseling expenses related to the assault. You should consult with a rape crisis center, another victim assistance agency, or an attorney regarding victim compensation benefits in your state.

  2. You can report the assault to campus officials. After an investigation, the college may decide to hold a campus disciplinary hearing to determine whether to take disciplinary action against the offender. Disciplinary actions imposed by the college may include suspension or expulsion.

  3. You also may be able to file a civil suit in which you sue the assailant or a third party to recover a monetary award for the injuries you have suffered.

If you want additional information about your options, you can talk with a campus advocate, a counselor, or an attorney. You can also contact a hotline or a rape crisis center on campus or in the community.

Campus Rape